Can you make sports betting a full time job?

Yes, but most likely you will not. It’s really hard to get to that point and most people give up in the process.


Are there fixed games and where can I buy them?

Most likely there are games that are fixed in minor leagues but we don’t know anything about it and people who try to sell you those picks are scammers.


How much money do I need in order to start?

It depends on your goal. You can start with $5 or with $5,000. The more you have the more safer you will be able to bet and you will be able to continue in case you have a bad streak of games.


I am underage, can I still gamble?

No. Gambling is addictive, stay away from it at least until you’re +18.


I’m new to sports betting, how do I start?

Read our articles and join us on the discord. You can ask more questions there. If you are completely new you should always start betting really small amounts of money because you will most likely lose at first.