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  1. Shakhtar vs Lyon
    In the standings the situation is as follows: Shakhtar is ranked 3 with 5 points and Lyon in second place with 7 points.
    Form Shakhtar: 67%
    Form Lyon: 58%
    They have been found so far 3 times where Lyon won a one-time score of 4-1
    Average goals per game: Shakhtar 1.33 and Lyon 2.33
    Shakhtar has not played in the last 5 games
    I think we will have a match of which on which both fight for the 2nd place. I think both teams will score and I will go empty guest score.
  2. Valencia-Manchester Utd
    In terms of shape, both have the same percentage of 58%
    They have met up to 5 times so far, 3 of which have been won by Manchester Utd
    The clearest victory for Manchester was a 2-0
    Average goals between the two is very low.Valencia only 0.4 / match and Manchester 1.2 / match
    In the ranking, Valencia is ranked 3 with 5 points and Manchester is ranked second with 10 points
    Santi Mina is Valecia’s goal scorer as Paul Pogba both with 2 goals
    Manchester Utd has not lost in the last 5 games
    Valencia 3rd place in the league has assured him without any mathematical chance for 2nd place and Manchester mathematics could occupy the 1st place but I think chances are 1 / 1000.I think it will be a fairly balanced match with few goals and I will just go scored guests.
  3. Young Boys-Juventus
    Young Boys is on the last position with only 1 point and Juventus on the first position with 12 points
    The way I pass is in favor of the Juventus team: Young Boys 67% and Juventus 83%
    They have met twice so far where it was just a victory, Juventus score 3-0
    Average goals for Juventus in direct matches is 2 / match
    Attention: Juventus has not lost any matches in the last 27 away games
    Juventus has a series of 10 consecutive wins won.
    The prognostic is a simple one, there will be 2 soloists without talks because there is still a big difference between the two and I think Juventus will solve the game from the break.

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