It’s not CR7, it’s not Messi

It's not CR7, it's not Messi. The Golden Balloon is...

Luka Modrić

The croat won the trophy this year, after winning the FIFA distinction, The Best. After winning the prize, Luka Modric revealed to “France Football”, which was one of the moments that made him the most to hope that he could conquer the trophy one day. Zinedine Zidane played a key role in shaping Luka Modric throughout his career and was one of those who told the croat he could win the Golden Balloon one day.

“When I saw that I won all the individual trophies this year and I saw myself among the 30 finalists, I started thinking it was possible, but there is one thing I will never look at. When Zidane became the real coach in 2016, he called me to his office one day after the training and told me how he sees me as a player and what he expects to do. He told me that I am one of his most important players and, more than that, he told me that he sees me as a player who can win the Golden Balloon. When someone like Zidane, a personality with a history like his, tells you this, you trust yourself. I admired him and respected him enormously as a player; he looked at me as if I were his own person, silent and a little shy; he expected me to express myself better on the field to open up there. He needed me to be a key player in an era where we were really playing. Those words of Zidane have helped me to evolve in my game,” 



the Golden Bull winner told.

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