Betting: lower your expectations!

If you are totally new to sport betting and have never bet on a game before then you need to know a couple things before you start.

First of all: unlike popular opinions and despite how things might look – it’s really hard to not lose money on the long term if you bet on sports.
If it would have been easy then everyone would be betting and making money. Obviously that’s not the case.

This post is not about teaching you what to bet on and how to do it – this is a simple reminder for you to take account of before you start: don’t get into sports betting with delusional expectations. You are NOT going to get rich, you’re not going to make a million dollars from $10 in 5 days.

Now when it comes to betting, there’s usually 3 kinds of people: there’s people who do it for the fun, there’s people that are addicted and only lose money because of it, and then there’s a small group of people that take calculated risks and end up being profitable and making money.

If you’re looking to bet just for fun then you don’t need to read this, you don’t need our services and you don’t need our advice – just make sure you don’t bet more than you have.
If you’re addicted to it, if you think that you need to bet just one more time to make up for your losses, if you think that one day you might just get lucky and make a lot of money – STOP. The best thing for you to do is take a long break from everything gambling-related, rethink your life choices. Spend some time with the people you love and make sure you don’t hurt them in your recovery process.
Betting and gambling is not bad, but people getting into it with the wrong mindset can end up self-destroying themselves and hurting the people around them. Just make sure you’re not one of them. There’s things more important in life than a football game.

Now let’s talk about the 3rd group of people. First of all, you don’t get born with luck and knowledge and you keep winning day and night. Just like everything in life, becoming a successful bettor takes time, work, tries and fails and a lot of dedication.

Success can’t be taught and no one can tell you exactly what you should do to become a betting guru. Sure there’s good tips and advice but you need to take that information and adapt it to yourself.

But the conclusion is this: if you think that you can make money by sport betting, without any work and effort – you’re wrong.
It takes more effort to become profitable doing betting than by working 9 to 5. Sports betting is a job! A job that we love and a job that turns out to be more profitable and enjoyable than most other.

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