How to bet smart

If you are new to online sports betting or if you’re just tired of losing all your money then you should definitely take 3 minutes off and read some of our tips that will help you improve.

Only bet what you can afford to lose 

This is the first and most important tip there is. Even though you might be 100% sure that you’re going to win, or that it’s impossible to lose or whatever you might think will happen – sometimes thing will go wrong! ALWAYS be prepared. Always keep that in mind.
Don’t bet your rent, don’t bet your house, kids, wife or car. You can become a millionaire by winning but you will also could most likely go broke, don’t be delusional.


Don’t play to win your money back

Never continue betting to try and make up for your losses. It never works, you get emotional and lose even more money. If you lost, try and take a break from betting – temporary or permanent. Trying to win back your money is the absolute worst thing you can try to do and almost always ends bad.


Don’t bet too much on combined picks or high-risk tips

Everyone wants to put $1 and win a billion but that’s not how it works. Rather try and bet a bit more safe, stay away from combined picks or at least use them moderately because they are more risky. Instead of building a 10-picks combined sheet and hoping to get rich – rather make 3 safer picks with a moderate return. Don’t get greedy, it always works against you.


Don’t get emotional

Always be objective when it comes to betting. Stay away from betting if you’re favorite team is playing because you’re likely to bet on them just because you’re emotionally invested and you won’t see the real value of the actual bet.


Don’t bet on all the games

You don’t have to bet on all games, just focus on the ones that have the least chances of a surprising outcome.


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