Betting strategy-EASY Money, not the movie

Betting strategy-EASY Money, not the movie

          One of the most used betting strategies that can be applied most easily is Easy Money. See in this article how this strategy can bring you profit in a relatively short time, but also what the risk is!

          To apply this betting #strategy, you will need to start from an amount of money “x” and place #bets on the lowest odds until you reach a certain target. The moment you hit the target, you put the profit aside and take it to beginning.

PS: A tip I’d like to give you if you’re going to play Easy Money is to split the bank into several equal parts. So if you lose at some point there will be no #risk of losing the bank on 0.

Example of the Easy Money strategy:

You have available for #betting $400 and you SPLIT this amount in 4 parts of $100.

So, start with $100 and you want to make $200, that is to win a quota of 2 of several bets with low odds. In order to make my calculations simpler, I have the odds of 1.10(1/10 british format, +10 american format) for each bet, but you can also play lower or slightly higher odds (indicated to be at most 1.20).

  • You bet $100 on 1.10 and you win $110
  • You bet $110 and you win $121
  • You bet $121 and you win $133.1
  • You bet $133.1 and you win $146.41
  • You bet $146.41 and you win $161.05
  • You bet $161.05 and you win $177.16
  • You bet $177.16 and you win $194.88
  • You bet $194.88 and you win $214.88
    You have reached your target and now you take it from the beginning with $100.

At first impression, the strategy seems simple. To catch 8 odds in a row of 1.10, you probably will say it’s not a big deal. But in practice every time is harder than in theory. This is why you will need to carefully analyze even those bets with very low odds.

Advantages of Easy Money strategy

  1. You do not need a very consistent bank to apply it; it can start even with $10 and as the bank grows and the starting amount will be higher.
  2. On the other hand, if you have a consistent #bank then the strategy will feel better in your account balance (think about starting the example above with $1,000 instead of $100)
  3. You can place a lot of bets one day because it can be applied #live #BETTS, but in this case you have to think that #betting more daily you risk more.

Disadvantages of the Easy Money strategy

  1. A lost bet is equal to the wastage of all bets won previously; that’s why you have to set a realistic target (you can propose to make $5,000 from $10 but I would not want to be in your skin if you get to $4,000 and you lose a banal bet and with him and all the work of until then)
  2. It gives you the feeling that you can not lose after winning more bets in a row, and you will not be able to analyze the next bets as well and thus increase the risk of kicking.



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