Tottenham Hotspurs vs Juventus Match Prediction

Tottenham Hotspurs vs Juventus Match Prediction – Spurs and Juventus Match Who Will Win?

Tottenham Hotspurs and Juventus will be facing each other in the season soon. Tottenham Hotspurs have been performing brilliant so far as the Tottenham extended their unbeaten run to 17 games and they are no looking back at the moment. This match is going to be really exciting and don’t forget to catch the Tottenham Hotspurs vs Juventus Match Prediction and get all the insights of the match.

Tottenham Hotspurs and Juventus Head to Head Comparison
So, let’s compare both the teams and see which side has an upper hand on the other. So, far Tottenham Hotspurs run in the Champions League is simply outstanding and their players have given 100% percent in all the matches that they have played so far. Juventus is indeed a really hard side to beat for the Hotspurs but if they want to win the trophy and want to make a name for themselves then they will have to win the match against the Juventus.

Tottenham Hotspurs and Juventus Match Details
Here we have the match details for you
When: March 8, 2018
Where: Wembley Stadium
Start Time: 2:45 PM ET

Playing Against The Juventus Is A Challenge For The Spurs
There is no doubt that the Tottenham Hotspurs have been performing exceptionally in the UEFA Champions League If they really want to make it the quarter finals of the UEFA Champions League then they will have to beat the Mighty European side.
They will have to go out of their skin to beat the Juventus if they really want to make rest of their time in the season a memorable one. If they manage to beat the European giants then it will be only the 2nd time for them to reach the quarter finals. The Hotspurs have made it to the top three positions on the points table as well and they certainly can maintain that position if everything goes right against the Juventus.

The Injuries in Both The Sides
Well, both the sides are struggling with their team combinations as their top players are injured. Both the teams have causalities with Toby Alderweireld is out for Spurs and Federico Bernardeschi out for the Old Lady.
Tottenham Spurs All Out Attack

So, the Hotspurs will be going into the match with the intentions of make or break. There players and the coaching staff will leave no stone unturn in their match against Juventus. The success rate of the Hotspurs is increasing by every single game and they will use every trick in their box to win this match as well.
The first –leg results of the Spurs has seen a remarkable 80 percent progress and the Tottenham Hotspurs must be hoping to win the match against the Juventus and make that unbeaten run of 18 games.

Tottenham Hotspurs vs Juventus Head to Head Records
Well, as far as the head to head records are concerned both the teams haven’t met apart from the last game in the first leg which resulted in a draw with 2-2.
The Tottenham Hotspurs in their last five matches have been really good. They have won three of their last five matches and rest of the matches resulted in a draw. So, the Hotspurs haven’t lost single game in their last five outings and they will be hoping to repeat the same against the Mighty Juventus side.
On the other hand, the Juventus side have been doing the same and they are unbeaten to in their last five matches as well. In fact, they have won four of their last five matches and one of them was a draw. So, Juventus team is going really well in the tournament as well.

Hotspurs: W, W, W, D, D
Juventus: W, W, W, D, W

Tottenham Hotspurs vs Juventus Match Prediction – Who Will Win?
So, who will win the match? Will it be the Spurs making it to the knockout stage or will the Mighty European team will clinch the match? Well, there is one point that create an opening for the Tottenham Hotspurs to win the match and that is their last match against the Juventus.
In their last match, they played brilliantly against the Juventus and it felt that their hard working is paying off. but all their hard work and incredible performance on the field resulted in a draw only. If they had tried a bit harder may be they would have won that match.
So, keeping in mind their recent form and momentum, there is a strong possibility that Tottenham Hotspurs are going to win the match against the Juventus side. They will look to exploit the weaknesses of the opponent side and will also try not to repeat the mistake that they did in their last match against the Juventus.

The way Hotspurs played so far in the season, they richly deserve to be in the knock out stage. But, the European giants is no easy task and the Spurs management is well aware of that.
Another point that supports that possibility of Hotspurs to win the match is the Wembley Stadium. Spurs have made the Wembley fell like home and they haven’t lost a single in the Premier League since their defeat against the Chelsea. Wembley is the place where the Tottenham feels confident and in control and who knows in their match against the Juventus they will repeat their brilliant performance again.

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