Manchester United vs Liverpool Match Prediction

Manchester United vs Liverpool Match Prediction – Man Utd vs Liverpool Who Will Win?

Manchester United and the arch rivals Liverpool will be locking horns in the Premier League very soon. Here we have the Manchester United vs Liverpool Match Prediction for you. Everyone knows that match between these two legendary clubs is always a treat to watch and no one wants to miss the match between these two sides.
So, far the performance of both the sides in the season has been really good. Both the teams have performed reasonably well and predicting who will win the match isn’t that easy. So, for that purpose here we have analyzed both the teams and have predicted who will win the match. So, stay with us and read it till the very end.

Manchester United Vs Liverpool Match Details
Tournament – Premier League
Season – 2017/18
When– 10th March, 2018
Start Time– 15:00 (BST)
Where– Sir Matt Busby Way, Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England
Seats Capacity – 74,994

Manchester United vs Liverpool Match Analysis
So, one thing is for sure that the match between both the sides is going to be nail biting. So, far both the teams have given tough times to each other in their recent outings. In their last outing, both the teams showed a brilliant performance and the match resulted in a draw with 0-0 points.
So, if you keep in mind their previous matches records and statistics in mind then you will get an idea of the competitiveness of their games. Both the teams have faced each other for 172 times and the Manchester United have won 68 times and the Red won 56 times. 48 matches were resulted in a draw.
In their last four matches, the Liverpool side has won one match and rest of the three matches resulted in a draw. So, the competition will be there and both the teams will use every trick in their box to win the match.

Manchester United and Liverpool Head to Head Comparison
If we compare the progress of both the sides so far in the UEFA Champions League then Man Utd is currently at the 3rd position on the points table. On the other hand, the Liverpool is side at the 2nd position. Liverpool has played 29 matches so far and they have 60 points whereas Manchester United have played 28 matches with 59 points.
So, overall the progress is pretty much the same and there is a minor difference in the points. After comparing the stats it is evident that both the sides are equally good and will give a tough time to each other in the next game. Nonetheless, the fans are in for an exciting game of football and it will be interesting to see how the game will end up.

Manchester United Vs Liverpool Head To Head
Total Matches Played – 172
Manchester United Won – 68
Liverpool Won – 56
Drawn – 48
No Result – 0

Manchester United In Their Last Six Matches
Well, Manchester United in their last six matches has performed well. They have won three of their last six matches and have lost two and one was a draw. So, their overall progress and recent run in the tournament is not outstanding but pretty good. They will be hoping to win their match against the Red and improve their position on the points table.

Liverpool In Their Last Six Matches
So, if we see the Liverpool side then their recent performance has been exceptional. They haven’t put any foot wrong so far in the event and they will be hoping to continue their winning run in their match against the Red Devils as well.

They have won five of their last six matches and one was a draw. So, their performance in the recent matches is exceptional and they certainly have proved how well they are playing in the season. Liverpool players are playing really well and they are oozing with confidence. So, keeping in mind their recent form, the Reds will have an upper hand going into the match.
Manchester United vs Liverpool Match Prediction – Who Will Win?

So, the question is who will win the match? Will it be the Liverpool or the United are going to win? well, keeping in mind the previous matches results and by comparing both the teams. One thing is sure that both the teams will fight till the very end and will look to win the match. This match is very important for both the teams because the team winning this match will definitely improve their points table position.

So, overall the fans are in for a very terrific match and the Reds and the Red Devils will not take each other lightly. But in order to pick the favorite for the match for now it seems the Liverpool side has a clear edge going into the match. They have been terrific in their last six matches and their performance is a bit better than the united side.
So, it seems Liverpool will win the match.
The recent matches between both the sides resulted in draw. So, both the teams as well as their fans must be hoping to see a decisive result in this match. The arch rivals match is a must watch and the knock stage is going to see one heck of a match. These two teams will be meeting for a 2nd time in this season.

Let’s see what happens and what do you think of this match? Tell us in the comment section now.

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